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航班超售 Overbooked flights 
 機票買了,座位也劃了,就⼀定有座位嗎?雖然在國際航線訂了的座位通常 是很有保障的,可是在美國國內航線,時⽽可⾒航空公司為避免取消訂位造成
1. overbooked <adj> 超額預定

    Some ticket holders have to give up their seats when a flight is overbooked.


2. volunteer <n> 志願者

Airlines ask for volunteers to give up their seats before they force passengers to leave.


3. voucher <n> 抵用劵

   The airlines might offer cash or a flight voucher to those who are willing to give up their seats.


4 compensate <v> 補償,賠償

   Very often, passengers who give up their seats will not be compensated if their delay is less than an hour.


5. inadequate <adj> 不足夠的

   Sometimes, passengers think that the compensation offered to them is inadequate and try  to hold onto  their seats as long as they can.


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